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YASUJI MORI: Master Animator - His Animation Drawings[ISBN978-4-938543-35-8]

Our Selling Price: 8,000JPY(tax included)
Weight: 2300g
This is the third book of Yasuji Mori published by Anido.
We have compiled many valuable key animation drawings and edited them for animators.

Author : Yasuji MORI[his profile is here
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This book contains a large number of valuable sequential and revised original drawings of "The White Snake Enchantress (Hakujaden)". Published for the first time, this series of dynamic sketches truly conveys the true value of animation.
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Many story boards from "Animal Treasure Island (Dōbutsu Takarajima)". Much of the dirt has been removed.
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The character "Hilda" from "Little Norse Prince Valiant" would not exist without Mr. Mori. We have included many of the original drawings that express the subtle changes in her wavering expression.

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