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TAKAMURA MUKUO : The Art of Animation

Our Selling Price: 8,000JPY(tax included)
Weight: 1500g
All the works of Takamura Mukuo, a legendary background artist for animation ── who illustrates light, shadow, and textures of objects like composing a poetry...
The man who painted the world of masterpieces such as "Galaxy Express 999", "From the Apennines to the Andes", "Goshu, the Cellist", "Sailor Moon", and so on...
This book is full of his background art, image board, and plans.

Author : Takamura MUKUO[his profile is here

Executive Editor : Takashi NAMIKI
Foreword : Taro RIN, Isao TAKAHATA
Supervisor : Keiko MUKUO, Tadao KUBOTA(Mukuo Studio)

First Edition : April 2004

size: B4 wide (255×284mm)160 Pages / Hardcover
with special box

Limited Edition - only 1,000 copies -
Publisher : ANIDO FILM Ltd.
Printed in Japan

Language : JAPANESE (Text is a little included)

few in stock now!
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From "Haha Wo Tazunete Sanzenri"
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From "Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Edition"

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