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Anido published a paper and booklet by hand for the members' study of animation from its foundation in 1967 to 1980.
This book is the first Anido Journal which was improved them and published in 1981.
Many pictures and photos are included.

The text is JAPANESE ONLY.

【The opening pages】

・The image boards "Lupin the Third, Castle of Cagliostro" by Hayao MIYAZAKI (Part 2)
・The photos "Nazha Conquers the Dragon King"

【The issue of the features 1】Shinichi SUZUKI

・The special interview (14P)
・The colored photos of his master pieces
・The memories of Otogi-Pro : Ryuichi Yokoyama
・From "Koike-san" to "Casanova" ── '80s anime memorandums : Emiko Okada
・About Shinichi SUZUKI
by Fujiko F Fujio / FujikoFujioA/ Osamu TEZUKA/ Shortaro ISHINOMORI/ Fujio AKATSUKA/Seiichi HAYASHI/ Takuya MORI/ Kihachiro KAWAMOTO/ Taku FURUKAWA/ Noburhiro AIHARA/ Kosei ONO/ Takashi NAMIKI and more...
・The travel journal by Shinichi SUZUKi "San Francisco" "Ottawa" "China"
・My master, Mr.SUZUKI: Masahiro KATAYAMA

【The issue of the features 2】Chinese Animation

First Edition : April, 1981

size: B5 (H257×W183mm) 96 Pages
Printed in Japan
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