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The picture book of YASUJI MORI : THE MAGIC BAG (Fushigi na Kaban)[ISBN 9784938543037]

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Weight: 760g
Once there was a stylish and brand-new bag, left abandoned in a small forest.
A passing mouse looked inside and found the bag...

This beautiful picture book is the reprinted edition of the previous edition published in 1977 by Kodansha Ltd., the one of the biggest publishing company in Japan.
This edition contains the whole images from the original illustrations, as surrounding edges were cut away in the previous edition.
English translation is added.

Story : Yoshiko Baba[Her profile]
Born in Suginami, Tokyo.
Baba studied literature at Waseda University. Upon graduation, she worked at Yamashina Institute for Ornithology, then as a lecturer at Women’s Junior College, before embarking on a career in children’s literature.
Baba's most notable works include “Chronicle of Straggles for the Wild Field” (Kokudosha co,. Ltd. 1972), which has been adopted into a television drama, and “Mio and the Sea of Whales” (Froebel Kan co,. Ltd. 1992).
In recent years, Baba has also worked as a poet, having published a haiku anthology, “Rinne (Reincarnation)”, from Souei Publishing in 2005.

Author : Yasuji MORI[his profile is here

THE MAGIC BAG Reprinted edition

Story : Yoshiko Baba
Illustration : Yasuji Mori
Translation : Jun Mori
Chief editor & Design : Takashi Namiki

Original title : Fushigi na Kaban
First edition : 1st December 2011
size: H250×W265mm 28 pages

Publisher : ANIDO FILM Ltd.
Printed in Japan


Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
"It's just right for my chocolate!"
(Click here for larger image.)
Baba requested Mori to draw the bag many times until it's color and shape became the one as she have imaged.
(Click here for larger image.)
The animals tried to lift the bag they stuffed their favorites...

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