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[DVD] DOBUTSU TONARI-GUMI / The Animal Neighborhood Community

Our Selling Price: 4,700JPY(tax included)
Weight: 160g
ANIDO's brand new release of Japanese classic animation collections !
They have all funny and strange stories and pictures.
Besides, English subtitles is included!! you can't miss it!

The Neighbourhood Community (Tonari-gumi) was the smallest unit of population which was the national mobilization program established by the Japanese government during the World War II.
This was to regulate rationing and thought control more efficiently.

Each unit was consisted from 5-10 households, and organized to help one another, also to keep eye on any suspicious behaviour.

The same title song was made to promote this program, became a big hit in Japan with its cheerful melody.
(Words: Ippei OKAMOTO / Music: Nobuo IIDA)

【DOBUTSU TONARI-GUMI (The Animal Neighborhood Community) 】

01 Dobutsu-tonarigumi / The Animal Neighborhood Community 1941 16min.
Director: Ryotaro KUWATA / Animator: Masao KUMAGAWA

02 Shinteriya-jyo no Hanamuko / Miss Cinterrier's groom 1954 11min.
Script: Takeshi URYU / Animator: Nobuo MORIKAWA

03 Kintaro Taiiku Nikki / The Physical Training Diary of Kintaro 1940 10min.
Director: Hiromasa SUZUKI(=Iwao ASHIDA) / Cameraman: Hideo Hurusawa

04 Ehon 1936-nen(Omocha-bako sereies No.3) / A picture book of 1936(The Toy Box series No.3) 1934 10min.
Animator: Takao NAKANO, Yoshiji TANAKA, Shunichi Funaki

Format: Black and White, DVD-Video, NTSC
Language: Japanese and English (Included both subtitles)
Region: Region 2
Number of discs: 1

DVD Release Date: July 27, 2011
Run Time: 46 minutes

Producer: Takashi NAMIKI
Distributor: ANIDO FILM
Translator: Masami KIMURA, Ryosuke MURAHASHI

*There would be a little problem of the picture and sound because these films are very old and partly damaged.
Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
"Dobutsu Tonari-gumi" (1954)

The animals helped each other and solved each problems.
The animation and the script were really funny!
(Click here for larger image.)
"Cinterrier-jyo no Hanamuko" (1941)

The beautiful girl Cinterrier (like the terrier version of Cinderella), was proposed by many dogs. Who got her heart finally ?
This is the PR film for an inoculation of hydrophobia.
(Click here for larger image.)
"Ehon 1936-nen" (1934)

When the black-cat (very similar to Fellix the cat!) played the toys in an island (probably Japanese colony) , the mice came to attack the island.
The story based on the Japanese several famous folk tales and the characters were very influenced by American animation films.

The end of the story, they were dancing "Tokyo Ondo", the famous folk song and dance.

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