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CERCERUSKA from Hungarian Folk Tales

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The word “Cerceruska” is the title of a Hungarian folktale, also this word is used as name of a little character appear in the story. This folktale appeared in Hungary as an episode of a well known TV animation series called "Hungarian Folk Tales".

Although Cerceruska is an animated short film, Anido had passion to publish this film as a picture book. The director Maria Holvath drew the original illustrations specially for publishing this picture book, and this book has been published only in Japan.

There is a lot of metaphor expressed through her beautiful illustrations, the unique world she illustrates will definitely impress all readers.

She was saying to us, every object in this story have the meanings behind. For example, “hollow” has meaning of “maternity”, and to represent the meaning there are many circular shapes appeared in this story.

Author : Maria Holváth
Translator : Etsuko SUGASAWA
Editor : Takashi NAMIKI

First Edition : June 2007
size: A5 (H210×W148mm) 32 Pages / Hardcover

Publisher : ANIDO FILM Ltd.
Printed in Japan

Language : JAPANESE

Other Photos
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a beautiful girl Cerceruska was lost in the forest for her stepmother's trick. And in addition, her pretty younger sister became a doe!
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One day a young prince was hunting in the forest and he spotted beautiful Cerceruska. He fall in love with her.
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Cerceruska got married the prince and had a baby prince, but in the castle, there lived a mean cook woman. She has always been daydreaming that some day her own daughter would be the queen...

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