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The art book of YASUJI MORI : Master Animater - His Animated Drawings

Our Selling Price: 10,000JPY(tax included)
Weight: 1840g
The art book of a man who is called “The god of Japanese animation” is published!

Yasuji Mori is an animator who taught many excellent creators such as Yasuo Ōtsuka, Norio Hikone, Reiko Okuyama, Yoichi Kotabe, and Hayao Miyazaki.

The brilliant illustrations and animations in this book will definitely let you realise the importance of Yasuji Mori as the master of Japanese animation.

Author : Yasuji MORI[his profile is here
Executive Editor : Takashi NAMIKI
Foreword : Norio HIKONE

First Edition : September 1993

size: A4 (H297×W210mm) 248 pages/ hardcover
with special box

Publisher : ANIDO FILM Ltd.
Printed in Japan


Contents :
The first half of this book introduces his illustrations for children’s magazine, such as illustrations for Itazura Pipo (Pipo, A Mischievous) printed in a magazine called Kobato, and the cover illustrations for a well known comic magazine called Manga Shonen.

The second half is composed from his art work for animation films which is drawn while he was working for Toei Douga (aka Toei animation studio). For example, this section shows his concept work for The White Snake Enchantress (Taiji Yabushita 1958), Little Prince and the Eight-headed Dragon (Yugo Serikawa 1963), Little Norse Prince Valiant (Isao Takahata 1968), and Puss’N Boots (Kimio Yabuki 1969), which are produced by Toei Douga.

There are also Mori’s drawings shown for the first time, such as story sketches for Alibaba and Forty Thieves, Holy Night of the Animals, which either of these films are not made. Therefore these sketches are produced only to visualise the concept of these two films, because of that the sketches are very rare to be shown.

Furthermore, this book has Mori’s concept sketches for TV animation which are drawn after he left Toei Douga. For example, Hoppa, the Space Patrol (1965) is a TV animation series in the early period of Japanese animation, and he directed character animation for this series. Also he produced the original concept and character design as well. Mori’s sketches for this series must be the reference of proving that he is one of the pioneers of Japanese animation.

There are also photos to look back his career and background at the end of this book.
Other Photos
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Original illustration
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from the cover illustration for the book of "NAGAGUTSU WO HAITA NEKO(Puss'N Boots)".
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Original illustration (SNOW WHITE)

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