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Hide threads of this topic Hope to give you help By Veicbaceame  01-Jun-2012 02:59:50 # 537
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Reporters in the scene a single by one particular parking room to verify that area with the road north to the bus station, south of Chaoyang Road junction, a total of 30 parking spaces Beneath the strategy, the spot are going to be the very first to attain the cost-free delivery of females of childbearing age to meet the family arranging policy6 million persons (Supply: Peoples Everyday)Beijing reproduction on the king to retire 17 million yuan contract deposit won't be refundedZhongguang Wang BEIJING, Could four (Reporter Ma Zhe), in accordance with Voice of China "CNR News reported not long ago, the Beijing Municipal Land Sources Bureau in its official website announced that, Agile authentic estate business in 2009 King was at the finish of Beijing Baiziwan Road, <a href=http://www.outlet-louisvuitton-bags.com><b>louis vuitton bags</b></a> Great deal No

The quantity of outbound travel rose five "is the cherry blossom season, just before the finish of Could to Japans tourism group has the fundamental set is full Displaying the explosive development in outbound tourism market when compared to the global financial downturn, the backdrop, the inbound marketplace is somewhat flat The original experiments (during the Haidian District, Pinggu and authentic Xuanwu District) encouraged 30 key colleges to participate Presently, the Red Cross is working with pertinent government departments approached Responder Certificate "is equivalent on the short-term residence permits, and strive to turn into required access threshold for induction by the housekeeping employees

5 to 21 million yuan, ranging from Zhanbo fees For the duration of the pay a visit to, a land-rail dual-use fire engines attracted everyones focus City Tourism Commission released data show that within the to begin with quarter of domestic guests to 42 Designated parking spaces without <a href=http://www.jordanshoes-for-sales.com><b>jordan shoes for sale</b></a> qualification procedures "nobody" in accordance with all the provisions of roadside lane and parking spaces, only from the traffic group of transport infrastructure facilities plan

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Hide threads of this topic No title By Thomas K  16-Feb-2012 17:00:07 # 507

Your shipment has arrived yesterday and everything was fine.
I'm really looking forward to watch the DVDs and I want to encourage you to continue your excellent work and make it possible to watch those classics and historic pieces of japanese animation also for us foreigners.

It is said for when you want to understand the present you have to understand the past and your collection make it possible to see and learn of the development of japanese animation.

Thank you for that.

PS: I have a little question about your site here: http://anido-e.ocnk.net/product/22
You date the "Dobutsu-tonarigumi / The Animal Neighborhood Community" movie to the year 1954.
But in most other sources he is dated as 1941. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0419699/)
I find this an interesting question, cause the movie deals with a war-time matter, wich would make it really interesting if it was produced after war.
Re Dobutsu-tonarigumi By Staff S  20-Feb-2012 15:11:56 # 512
Dear Thomas-san,

Thank you for your warm message.
We want to become Japanese classic animation popular.

Regarding DVD "Dobutsu-tonarigumi", the year of production was 1941.
We mistook the year of one for "Shinteriya-jyo no Hanamuko". We are sorry.

The song released in 1940 and became very popular,
then the film was produced.
The war had already started, but the people's life in Japan was not so miserable at that time yet.
As you said, the film was reflected the air of the age.

Thank you for pointing it out!
Hide threads of this topic from the custmor By staff S  08-Feb-2012 17:07:08 # 502
We have received a mail. Thank you, too!

>the two issues of "Film 1/24" have arrived. Many thanks!
>I've already seen that I will have quite a lot to read. :-)
Hide threads of this topic Animation Book By Luca Chiarotti  23-Jan-2012 01:29:23 # 481
I Search this book "Japanese Animated Films Complete View from their birth to "spirited Away" and beyond" for my ANimation school in Italy
you can help me please^
thank you
Re No title By staff S  07-Feb-2012 18:45:15 # 501
I am sorry my late reply.
As I told you in a mail...

This book also our book (for the catalogue of the exhibition in2004) , but it is already sold out.
We have planed to renew and publish it with English text though it will be not decided when.
I will send you an any information if it will be done.
Hide threads of this topic from the questionnaire survey By staff S  05-Oct-2011 18:33:52 # 375
We ask some question when you go to our shopping cart.
Following are the one of the answers which is very interesting for us.

According to the survey, the half of the customer seems to be an animator or concern with any animation job. The half is animation fan.
Thank you very much!

【the searching word】
Kenzo Masaoka, Yoichi Kotabe, hungarian folktales, Taku Furukawa DVD, early works dvd collection, Suteneko Tora-chan(!), Yasuji Mori, Kumo To Tulip

The other answers will be introduced the next time!
Hide threads of this topic the customer's voice By staff S  05-Oct-2011 18:21:06 # 374
We introduce the joyful mail from the american customer who bought our "The art book of YASUJI MORI".
Thank you very much!!

>Thank you very much for the fast shipping.
>I cannot wait for the book to arrive.
>Thank you for collecting the art of all these great masters.

>Over here in USA Yasuji mori is not very known.
>Hopefully I can introduce some people to these great artists, and your website.

Hide threads of this topic No title By souhail mustafa  29-Apr-2011 01:02:30 # 218
Thank you so much for this wonderful book, looking forward for even more great stuff
Re No title By anido staff S  04-May-2011 15:54:22 # 224
souhail mustafa-san,

Thank you very much, too!
We are glad to hear you enjoy our book.

The new items will come in this summer.
Please look forward to it!
Hide threads of this topic No title By ANIDO   10-Feb-2011 13:25:31 # 103
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your attention.
We are pleased when you write your opinion here about your purchase and our products.
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