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Hide threads of this topic the customer's voice By staff S  05/Oct/2011 18:21:06 # 374
We introduce the joyful mail from the american customer who bought our "The art book of YASUJI MORI".
Thank you very much!!

>Thank you very much for the fast shipping.
>I cannot wait for the book to arrive.
>Thank you for collecting the art of all these great masters.

>Over here in USA Yasuji mori is not very known.
>Hopefully I can introduce some people to these great artists, and your website.

Hide threads of this topic No title By souhail mustafa  29/Apr/2011 01:02:30 # 218
Thank you so much for this wonderful book, looking forward for even more great stuff
Re No title By anido staff S  04/May/2011 15:54:22 # 224
souhail mustafa-san,

Thank you very much, too!
We are glad to hear you enjoy our book.

The new items will come in this summer.
Please look forward to it!
Hide threads of this topic No title By ANIDO   10/Feb/2011 13:25:31 # 103
Dear Customer,

Thank you for your attention.
We are pleased when you write your opinion here about your purchase and our products.
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